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Meet the Staff of Ridgeview Motors Inc.

Mike Marcucci - Ridgeview Manager

(585) 352-1000   Mike@RidgeviewMotors.com

Manager, Ridgeview Motors. Car buyer.

Finance - Department

(585) 349-2440   Finance@SummitViewAuto.com

Because we have near instant access to a dozen banks, all competing for your business, we not only get a great rate ... we often get the best rate.

Ginger - Sales Consultant - Summit View Auto

(585) 349-2440   Ginger@SummitViewAuto.com

Competence starts here ...

Jason - Service Manager

(585) 352-0780  

Over 15 years experience, Long time "Brand Name" from Brockport.

Roger - Ridgeview Service Technician

(585) 352-0780 - Fax: (585) 617-3283  

Put hard working Roger (and his 30+ years experience) to work for you!

Bill - Ridgeview Service Technician


Bill is a Master ASE Certified Service Technician with 37 years of experience and a following of many happy and loyal customers!

Robert - Auto Detailer - Summit View


Robert has been with us "forever"! Robert is our Shop Manager; he heads up our Detail Shop; he photographs all our cars and posts them to the Internet along with descriptive information. All that and he's an excellent detail technician as well. (Hope he doesn't see this ... he might want a raise :-)

Bob - Auto Detailer - Summit View

(585) 352-0780 - Fax: (585) 617-3283  

Our long time mechanic has been making Ridgeview customers happy for 20 years now.

Larry - Auto Detailer - Summit View


Larry throws 2 decades of work ethic and experience at bringing our pre-enjoyed vehicles back to almost new!

Hal P. Data - Mechanics' Assistant

Fax: (585) 617-3283  

Even our computer system comes dressed for work resplendent in his white coveralls that keep the brake dust from clogging his memory. This little know-it-all is chock full of diagrams, diagnostic flow charts, error code explanations, recalls, wiring diagrams, parts, component locations and more. He is the Mr. Spock of our garage enterprise.

Thomas - Driver, maintenance


Always cheerful and congenial Thomas helps facilitate customer satisfaction by providing chauffeur services for sales and service customers. In between he somehow finds time to keep the facilities sparkling.

Richard - Car Buyer


Richard has been buying cars for us since we opened our first car dealership over a quarter century ago. To this day he still agonizes over each and every car purchase like he was buying it for himself. Put Richard on your team and visit Ridgeview Motors today.

Administration - Manager


Our unsung hero keeps EVERYTHING running and running smooth. Accounts payable, receivable, payroll, title, DMV, insurance, financing, extended warranties, HR and more.

Kelly - HR and Title

(585) 349-2440  

Human Resources, Title and miscellaneous administrivia.

Linda - Title Clerk

(585) 349-2440   Title@SummitViewAuto.com

Our Linda plows through reams of paper work to make car buying as stress free as possible!

Megan - Special Projects

(585) 349-2440 --- (Fax) 349-2990  

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere ...

joe - Miscellaneous

(585) 352-1000   joe@RidgeviewMotors.com

Miscellaneous part time functions such as computers, printers, networks, wireless inspection station, websites, Internet, phones, employee healthcare, cigars, porters and pale ales.